Legal Questions or Concerns? Know Your Rights.

For over 20 years, I have had the privilege of helping and representing a lot of clients.  If you have legal questions or concerns about a matter, know that I am available to give you specific answers to your questions about the law and your legal rights.

If you’re not a lawyer, when it comes to a legal matter you may have more questions than answers. This is completely understandable, and I can help you to better understand legal issues. Sometimes, the legal system can seem intimidating or confusing. With a better understanding of the law and your legal rights, you can weigh your options and make prudent, informed decisions.

It all begins with you.  Most importantly, I listen to understand your questions and concerns then provide advice regarding your options.  If requested, I can help you to develop a strategy moving forward.  The more I understand your goals and objectives, the better I can help.

Whatever you share with me remains confidential.  Once you speak with me as an attorney, I am not permitted to discuss any details of our conversation with anyone else without your permission. Whether or not we work together in an attorney/client relationship, I cannot and do not disclose anything that you choose to share with me.

I do not make unrealistic promises or guarantee a result.  Rather, it is important that you know the legal issues and possible outcomes, based on the facts and the law.  We can discuss realistic and attainable goals, and you will be able to make informed decisions and take a measured approach, a prudent course of action.

If you’re looking for an experienced, competent and hard working lawyer with a strong background and a commitment to prompt and courteous legal service, then we will likely work well together.

If you need reliable information about a legal issue or your legal rights, give me a call.  If you have a timely problem that you need help with now, call me immediately and I will personally be available to discuss your concerns. You can contact me directly at (504) 456-8683, toll free at (877) 556-8683, by email at

If you don’t have a legal problem at the moment, you may provide me with your email address and I’ll be glad to provide you with information that may be helpful to you in the future.

Periodically, I provide free tips about common legal issues and information regarding common concerns of people like you.  If you would like to receive free information and helpful legal tips, please provide me with your email address below.